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Center Stage on Live365: GenX.FM

Center Stage on Live365 this week is GenX.FM – "classic alternative rock that shaped a generation." We spoke with the station manager Shawn Quinn about their history with radio, their station's programming, and we got some music recommendations. Check out the interview below!

What made you get started in radio?

Listening to records with my dad when I was younger.

What brought you to Live365?

Ease of broadcasting and licensing included.

What's your favorite part about running your own radio station?

Creative and personal freedom on-air and as a programmer.

Tell us about your station's programming. What can listeners expect when they tune in to your station?

GenX.FM plays the classic alternative rock that shaped a generation, all live from Daytona Beach. From Nirvana to Depeche Mode to Weezer, all your classic alternative favorites from the 90s, the artists that influenced them, and the bands that came after.

Daytona Beach is the world's most famous beach, and we're giving you a front row seat! Every weekday, Shawn Quinn and Stacy Ryder bring you the top 3 stories you need to know, with a healthy dose of comedy and internet and pop culture. You'll be up-to-date on what's happening in the world and on the beach – without all the BS.

Name one artist that you play on your station that is underrated in your opinion.

Beastie Boys — they were underrated and under-appreciated by terrestrial radio.

What's your favorite music memory/moment?

The personal conversation I had with Elvis Costello backstage at Crossroads KC

Please list your top 5 or 10 songs, with a brief reason why each song made your list.

  • "Personality Crisis" - New York Dolls
    After seeing them live the song struck me as an anthem of a generation.

  • "Whip It" - Devo
    It was the first song I remember hearing as a kid that was different from what was in the mainstream.

  • "Everlong" - Foo Fighters
    I remember hearing the acoustic version on The Howard Stern Show and it blew my mind.

  • "Sabotage" - Beastie Boys
    They are underrated and under-appreciated by mainstream radio.

  • "Hash Pipe" - Weezer
    Another band that is often under-appreciated by mainstream radio.

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